ebook – 12 Important Reasons Why the Unapproved Covid Vaccine is a Dangerous Human Experiment

Here you will a Free 9-part docuseries: The shocking suppressed truth about COVID and the deadly COVID vaccine

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The Episodes

Episode 1: Vaccine Truth: Dispelling the Myths

Episode 2: Vaccine Cover Up: The TRUE Number of Deaths & Injuries

Episode 3: Vaccine Pushers: Driving False Narratives

Episode 4: Vaccine Unknowns: The Greatest Human Experiment Ever

Episode 5: Vaccine Risks: Harm to Women and Children

Episode 6: Vaccine Alternatives: Safe, Effective Treatments that are “Cancelled”

Episode 7: Vaccine Tyranny: Fear Factor, Coerced into Compliance

Episode 8: Vaccine Freedom: Your Right to Say NO

Episode 9: Vaccine Agenda: The Great Reset

Episode 10: Vaccine Remorse: What to do if You’ve Already Been Vaxxed