Letter from an OOC member

Letter from an OOC member:

Hello OOC Members,

Thank you for your newsletter and for your work in this entire Plandemic time.

At the same time I feel responsible to tell you that I find your entire presentation for Friheds Fackel more than disturbing.

Where and when did the Corona plandemic infringe upon your sexual freedoms? I am sure that not one woman or man in this freedom movement is most worried about whether they will be allowed to spread their legs or walk around without clothes due to the plandemic!

I ask myself what photos of naked women plastered up in over- dimensional posters, where sometimes it looks as if the level of the woman’s genitals is at the level of a small child’s mouth, paintings of women with legs spread open lying on couches – etc. :

what does all of this have to do with the spiritual inner core of our being which is represented in the word Freedom?

I do not see the connection. and I am sure that I am not alone.

At the same time we are living in a time where the politicians have become so corrupt that it is part of their everyday life in many parts of the world- maybe also Denmark – to misuse enslaved women and especially children. There are already dozens of documentaries about this which you can find many places such as Out of the Shadows. Pizza gate is not a joke, but a sad and tragic reality.

In this respect it does not surprise me that the crew in Christiansborg is content to having paintings of this artist all over the walls in their dark palace.

In my opinion you are doing a horrendous disservice to the entire freedom movement with your presentation of this what actually looks like the product of a distrubed mind. Do you not wonder whether it is a good idea to put up this installation where thousands of children go by every day? What does it tell them? it tells them: ” sex is fine for you, being naked is fine, spreading your legs is fine”. Then they begin to lose their natural internal alarm boarders which would put them into fight and flight if anyone approaches them with “offers” of things that they should definitely not be involved in or drawn into. It helps to turn them into easy to reach victims.

I ask you kindly to take down your installation and to use some time to think over what you otherwise could present the Danish public in the name of that high and noble ideal called Freedom. If you do not have any ideas about what you otherwise could present in your installation, I would be happy to help you to work on it.

Do not drag the entire movement down to a level where even the Me Too movement would be ashamed of you!

I am looking forwards to hearing from you.

Kind wishes.

Here is my answer:

Hi, txs for your mail,

We have given OOCs two artists free hands to express their idea of the concept “freedom”; as chairman I have no role censoring the artists’ choice of pictures and illustrations.

I am sorry that you don’t like it.

I am personally very grateful for what they have done, and most importantly, the exhibition makes it possible to bring our message to the city.

The exhibition calls for attention, that is also very good, in my eyes. And I also find it very beautiful – and true.

I Hope you will forgive me if you feel I have stepped wrong here.